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Medical Digital Communications

Already in 2016, the World Economic Forum declared the exponential growth of digital technology as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, with the “potential to improve the quality of life for populations around the world”.

The recent growth of digital technologies in clinical practice—by which we mean technology and data that inform medical practice and improve health— has been made possible by an exponential increase in computational power that has fuelled the generation and storage of complex data, including genomic sequencing and other so-called omics approaches, electronic health records, and medical imaging.

Combined with the use of smart wearables and mobile phones, data from millions of individuals can be analysed with artificial intelligence techniques to support physicians in diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

Connected Doctors is dedicated to promoting innovative solutions in advertising, digital, branding, message delivery, market access, and medical communications.

Part of Argon Global Healthcare and partnering with Ashfield / GeoMed,   Connected Doctors is a full-service digital agency (Paris based) that helps pharmaceutical and healthcare companies with digital marketing and medical communications.

Digital Strategy

Connected Doctors agency model provides a customer first digital strategy that optimizes value throughout the customer journey.

Design and development of websites, apps, emails and edetails, medical writing and online media planning – Connected Doctors provides a one-stop shop for your digital projects.

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