Medical & Digital • Hybrid Events • MedEd Agency

Medical & Digital • Hybrid Events • MedEd Agency

Hybrid Events Management

Since 2020 a new event typology has been emerging: hybrid events. This type of event allows to bring together the present and distant audiences and thus offer a common experience to both audiences.
This new typology leads to rethink the classic concept of the event and opens the gates to an ever larger audience for the organizers.
The organization of a hybrid event needs a new kind of preparation and a new organization (video coverage, streaming…) to ensure successful operations.

Digital Strategy

Consulting. Digital transformation. Connected Doctors agency model provides a customer first digital strategy that optimizes value throughout the customer journey.

Design and development of websites, apps, emails and edetails, medical writing and online & social media planning – Connected Doctors provides a one-stop shop for your digital projects.

Medical Education programs 

Webinars, WebTV, streaming, augmented events, hybrid event. Rely on our strong expertise.


Connected Doctors is a special projects and digital agency that works at the intersection of Technology and Healthcare. We are dedicated to promoting innovative solutions in advertising, digital, branding, message delivery, market access, and medical communications.

Led by Antoine POIGNANT, MD Connected Doctors is a globally distributed network of strategists, physicians, creative directors, designers, writers, media strategists, digital marketers, developers and relationship builders who collaborate on exciting projects and exchange ideas.

We’re committed to creating vibrant and relevant brand experiences on every level.

Founding member of Argon Global Healthcare and partnering with Healthware Group, Connected Doctors is a full-service digital agency (Paris based) that helps pharmaceutical and healthcare companies with digital marketing and medical communications.

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Antoine has been practicing for 20 years in the field of marketing communication and health strategies for drug companies, medical devices and services. Very involved in the digital transformation of the health sector, he has been collaborating for nearly 10 years with Les Echos Etudes and Les Echos Formation.

Co-founder of Connected Doctors & La Blouse Blanche, he has contributed to the launching of numerous innovations (products, devices, services) and institutional communication for the French and international markets.

Emergency training physician (SAMU 77) he graduated from the school of advanced studies in social sciences (EHESS) in medical anthropology, has a master’s degree in Human Immunology and Immunopathology, two CES in neurophysiology and psychology Medical. He also followed the course of the University Diploma of biological and medical engineering.

Passionate about neuroscience and Buddhism, Antoine is practicing martial arts and meditation for many years.

Antoine exerce depuis 20 ans dans le domaine de la communication et des stratégies santé. Très impliqué dans la transformation digitale du secteur santé, il collabore avec les Echos Etudes et les Echos Formation. CoFondateur de Connected Doctors et de la Blouse Blanche, il a contribué au lancement de nombreuses innovations (produits, devices, services) sur les marchés français et internationaux.

Médecin urgentiste (SAMU 77) il est diplômé de l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) en Anthropologie Médicale, dispose d’une maîtrise d’immunologie et immunopathologie humaines, de deux CES en Neurophysiologie et Psychologie Médicale. Il a également suivi le cursus du DU de Génie Biologique et Médical.

Passionné de neurosciences et de bouddhisme, Antoine est un pratiquant des arts martiaux orientaux et un méditant depuis de nombreuses années.

Already in 2016, the World Economic Forum declared the exponential growth of digital technology as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, with the “potential to improve the quality of life for populations around the world”.

The recent growth of digital technologies in clinical practice—by which we mean technology and data that inform medical practice and improve health— has been made possible by an exponential increase in computational power that has fuelled the generation and storage of complex data, including genomic sequencing and other so-called omics approaches, electronic health records, and medical imaging.

Combined with the use of smart wearables and mobile phones, data from millions of individuals can be analysed with artificial intelligence techniques to support physicians in diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

If you’d like to discuss any projects
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CEO Owner, Connected Doctors